Annuity (1035) Exchange

We constantly monitor the market to find cost-effective annuities for you.

An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income. While annuities can be a useful portion of a retirement strategy, many annuities are saddled with high fees. Cline Financial is dedicated to helping clients exchange their existing, pricey annuities with low-fee annuities. It's a cost-conscious effort. We have access to a wider selection of annuities, and we steer clear of surrender charges and high management fees.

Talk to us about whether it makes sense for you to exchange an existing annuity with another one. Whether it makes sense to move to a new annuity will depend on the surrender charges within your existing annuity. On average, annuities sold by insurance agents charge between 2%-3% in annual fees, and Cline Financial is usually able to find like-kind annuities with flat fees of $240 a year and better access to a range of funds.

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Why Cline Financial Concepts?

As Registered Investment Advisor, we custom-create each client's financial plan. We steer clear of "canned" financial planning programs that are convenient for financial advisors but not ideal for you.