Financial Planning

Cline Financial works with many clients on an hourly fee basis to design easy-to-implement financial plans that fit clients' individual needs. One of our core beliefs is that you should be knowledgeable about the financial issues that affect you the most, so we work closely with you to boost your financial acumen and independence.

  • Investment Planning – This process begins by gathering data from you to understand your current life situation. Click on our "Organize Your Life" toolkit to get started.  
  • Goal Setting – Cline Financial can help guide you from where you are to where you want to go financially. We'll map our your long-term goals and strategize with you on ways to meet those goals.
  • Tax Planning – We examine your tax returns to identify any concerns or issues that may affect your financial well-being. Next, we'll help you find an accountant who specializes in these issues, and we'll provide the investment tools you need to implement your tax plan.
  • Retirement Planning – Let us customize a retirement plan for you that takes into account your risk tolerance, your lifestyle, and your goals.
  • Employee Benefits Planning Are you taking advantage of the benefits your employer offers you? Many employers offer benefits ranging from retirement savings accounts to flexible spending accounts to education savings accounts to health, life and disability insurance plans. We'll sit down with you to review your options and make sure you're maximizing any employee benefits and avoiding gaps in coverage.  
  • Insurance Planning – We don't sell or profit from insurance policies, but we want to be sure our clients have the coverage they need. Our online tool  helps you take inventory of your policies so that we can work together to determine if your needs are being met. If needed, we'll help you find an independent insurance agent to assist you.
  • Education Planning – Whether you have an infant on the way or a child starting high school, we'll identify 529 Plans or Coverdell Education Savings Account options that may be right for you. We also help you determine your education savings percentage in order to strike the right balance between education savings and retirement savings.
  • Estate Planning – No matter how large or small your assets might be, a thoughtful estate plan is an important component of protecting your family's financial well-being. The first step to understanding your estate planning needs is to take inventory of the legal documents you may already have. Cline Financial will work closely with you to understand your needs and connect you with an independent attorney, as needed.

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Why Cline Financial Concepts?

Our financial planning services take into account every aspect of your financial well-being, from estate plans to college savings and from tax-wise decisions to insurance choices.