Organize Your Life

The first step in organizing your financial life is simply assessing where you stand today. At Cline Financial Concepts, we'll work hand-in-hand with you to understand your current situation in order to help you reach your future goals. These tools will help you on your way.    

Have You Created a Budget?

links to online spreadsheet  introduced with this brief text: A budget allows you to understand how and where you're spending your money each month. Regardless of your financial goals—saving for vacation, paying down debt, deciding how much to spend on a particular item—this online budget tool will help you plan ahead. 

What's Your Net Worth?

links to online calc introduced by this brief text:  Figuring out how much you're worth isn't as hard as you might think. This online calculator walks you through the steps of listing your assets and your debts to produce your current net worth. At Cline Financial, our objective is to help you increase or preserve your net worth.

Where Are Your Investments?

Having multiple accounts in multiple places isn't the same thing as being diversified. Let Cline Financial help you by designing a customized and truly diversified portfolio that you can manage and track easily. Our investment inventory is a first step in helping you see and consider where your current assets are.  Download Our Invest Spreadsheet

What Insurance Policies Do You Have?

links to online spreadsheet introduced by this brief text:  At Cline Financial, we don't sell or profit from insurance policies, but we want to be sure our clients have the coverage they need. This online tool takes inventory of your policies so that we can work together to determine if your needs are being met.

Do You Need a Will and/or Trust?

Link to online spreadsheet/inventory

You don't have to be wealthy to consider having a will or a trust. The first step to understanding your estate planning needs is to take inventory of the legal documents you may already have. Talk to Cline Financial to learn more about the estate planning options that suit you.