Secure Your Future

Consolidate Your Accounts

Consolidating your accounts can simplify your investing and help keep you on track by eliminating gaps or redundancies in your assets. Knowing all of your assets are working together will give you a clearer sightline on achieving your financial goals.

Manage Costs Effectively

As a fee-only advisor, Cline Financial provides advice and management that is entirely independent and unbiased toward any company or product. That means we'll tailor a cost-effective portfolio for you that screens out any investments with excessive fees, including transaction fees, front-end loads, surrender charges, or annual account fees. That way, your money works for you.

Take Advantage of Plan Flexibility

At Cline Financial, we'll design an investment plan that fits and flexes with your life. The difference between Cline Financial and other investment firms is that we won't give you a canned plan that looks like your neighbor's investment plan. We listen to your needs and your goals, and we give personalized, easy-to-understand advice. 

Our clients always have a choice, and we don't try to push you into a formulaic solution. Some opt to work with us on an hourly fee basis to develop a full financial plan or a plan segment, such as retirement savings or college savings. Others prefer our asset management program, in which we oversee all portfolio activity, while meeting with you regularly to review goals and results. 

Diversify Your Assets

Think of diversification as reducing risk. Cline Financial can help you minimize risk in your portfolio by diversifying your investment dollars across different asset types to reduce volatility. A diversified portfolio will generally have assets spread across four asset types, such as domestic stocks, domestic bonds, short-term CDs or money market funds, and international investments.

Your risk tolerance is something like a fingerprint. Call us to schedule a risk tolerance interview so that we can design a portfolio mix that matches the level of risk you're comfortable with.